Thursday, October 19, 2006

Translation of Hitbodedut

It's been months since my last attempt at a translation, so here goes. Once again, I'm no expert on Hebrew (and I can't find the printed lyrics to this song so it's just based on my listening), so please understand there are probably errors. If you have corrections, please post in the comments. Thanks!

Sha'ah achat la'yom ani tzarich l'hitbodet.
* One hour a day I need to seclude myself.
V'lishloach chidati (?) l'fanecha, l'vakshecha l'hitkarev eilecha.
* And throw my thoughts (?) before You to beseech You and to become close to You.

L'hagid kol ratzon otai.
* To tell You all of my desires.
L'habiah lishalotai otai.
* To bring all of my questions to You.

Ki mim'cha ha'refuah.
* Because the healing is from You.
Ki mim'cha ha'parnassah.
* Because the sustenance is from You.
Ki mim'cha ha'ahava.
* Because the love is from You.
Ki mim'cha ha'yeshua.
* Because the salvation is from You.

V'atah tov u'meitiv la'kol.
* And You are good and bestow good on all.
Nachon Hashem l'chol d'varav.
* The Lord is correct in all His words.
L'chol asher hik'rahu be'emet.
* To all who call on You in truth.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Possible Sequel to Ushpizin!

Well, maybe not exactly Ushpizin Part II. But it seems like Shuli and Michal Rand are planning a new film. In a recent interview in Jewish Action, they say:

"At this stage we can only say that it will futher expound upon Breslov themes and that it will deal with the relationship between Israel and American Jewry. A name? It is too early for that."

That is great news! Hopefully Adi Ran will contribute music to the next film as well.