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Adi Ran info from Wikipedia

The English-language Wikipedia page on Adi Ran has some basic information, but the Hebrew-language page has much more. I have run the Hebrew page through Google's new English/Hebrew translation tool (which is pretty neat but as you can see has some work to be done). Here's what I came up with:

Adi Ran (born 1961) is an Israeli singer Ochotaev songs. Following the return takes place in reply to a combination of songs, rock music and Hasidic.

The beginning of the career

Adi Ran was born in Ramat Gan. He began his Moseiqlit center Evseve Scouts level - apartment. The right of poems and character has become quite unique faster resemble recognized among members of Scouting in Israel, mainly in central Israel, and among many young people from Tel Aviv. Since 1987 appeared Ran Evpab "Hacusita" Ahuotaiq next to Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, on the way - at all by himself with machine drums, and often accompanied by friends - where most - Johnny cunning, the future - one Msulni band noise.

Ahupotiou Week discipline Carako another Ran crowd ונאמן regular fans, who studied soon the words of songs that has - here and join for Hacalt even when his insomnia appear elsewhere - Private events, events of Scouting, and he opened impression at the club level foxy friend - Garden, the " Eg, if Studio ".

Ade issued during the period that few of the songs the radio, television and even one clip ( "chlorine") who Eatahuda minimum. Later Cichev clip sing "Hanan" band of "noise" on duty Hanan. Two songs, "Hiroshima" and - "Haathazita", appeared in the album collection of NMC "Hainde short history of the city" (1991).

Sanotiou Hahiloniota of Ade, who was "secular incense" representative of the local culture, "sex, drugs Oroake 'Roll", Low Evsharoriuat constant through the year 1993 which began to approach religion, and later returned in response to failure Mlbco the old poems. He has recorded three albums with a Jewish character affected very Mmorstho Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, and made Hssydy actually sing - and yet, strange bird on the background music Hahssydyat years old - our age.

Before returning response.

Ade work of the early period - Religious included dozens of songs. Some of them were owners of diversity subversive, some עלילתיים Oodmwei ballad, and some songs - comic nonsense. It also can distinguish between poems Venitzni Idaleisteat real creativity. Language is simple Umshashaat Hetib always describe the lives of young men (especially around the army and following).

Great enthusiasm during this period was "cigarette smoke", a romantic rock Eveldat Oumargsat. להיטים others dealt Environmental Quality (of "chlorine": "In the meantime, add more chlorine to water"), when - nuclear war ( "Hiroshima": "Smart people in the lab .. more're Artzpe destruction"), drugs - easy and policy towards them ( " Thicket of Sotoe ":" Sateti you Adniat in red, you see the world, with all Titib, Atsepog the Karni hot .. you Sateti onion danger "), depression (" Dypersyah ":" Dypersyah Hello, how are you? "), Etc. .

Many comic elements (some of which survived and religious work) repeated many songs numbering from secular - and easy language and speech, animation objects, animals and feelings, Oairob Esoceatibi Mrobdy differences - different language. Ade not hesitated to take the Bulgarian-language songs often.

Many Mshiriu underwent a process of transformation Oshdreog with the audience, which was very active and shows them off (áùéøéí audience were many roles - Shira chorus). Ran has many Maahupoat opportunity to young artists Sevco versions of the original poems and songs of their own.

הלחנים were always guitar-based, simple וסוחפים. Machine התופים Ran was a partner of trust for Oufrimitibiat. Sometimes the songs on the component species and created stories - plays right along with the guest players, such as service Heidi years old - a bitch "(many years before the rise of play of that name), Farodyah on Zionism and the beginning of the community. Cshaatloouha for, playing Johnny wily Bashir is the Heidi and a dog - Sea, including gestures Ukoloat histrionics - the match.

In response to another return

Even with the response coming, kept Leicwer Ran wrote קלילים texts but also a very personal religion on the move ( "Daddy, I have become dos / It does not mean you have to fret ... / grandmother, I have become dos / get a 'glass teeth.") And life Religion. הלחנים simple והסוחפים remain in place and well Llawira new, new texts many Mention the previous style but not in content - Ran's poems remained קלילים entertaining at times, but were absent this time all סממנים שטותניקיים, אידאליסטיים (other than the Torah world affairs) or חתרניים. For example the song "What a fun bird to be" before returning response; and return in reply to "What fun to be a Jew".
In 1995 began to make the first new poems in front of an audience Tel Aviv club Ha"ev Arbe "old, but over time reduce the Ahupotiou to an audience focused on the secular audience gained from the new religious. The first album, "Hacharon Sheba'am", were used every noise band members, friends and veteran, Cleakat Halaewi and Johnny Hapiq even cunning Moseiqlit the album. The song "You are holy," appeared in Evpskcl a record האושפיזין movie.

Among the creators of music Umazini Hahssydyat who received his work has a certain suspicion, but soon he bought him new fans, especially among young Hssydy Bersalev the religious Zionist. Adi Ran frequently to hold throughout the impression - and the country in various festivals, and also cooperates with other singers such as the song "Oshmro" where Ran minister with Cantor - Singer Yossi Hoffman (מהאלבום - "My Prayer"), the song "Do not despair" (מהאלבום - "ניגון of hope") with Israel Nachman חזין song in the album "Adi Ran Oshroleiak Harsteak" in which he cooperates with Sharoleiak Harsteak Otasemorat five votes.
So the google transate function needs some work, but it is still pretty cool.

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Adi Ran as Embodiment of "Teshuva"

Great post on why Adi Ran is so great. Here is a sample:

Adi Ran is kind of the earthly embodiment of how I imagine teshuva. He used to be an Israeli rocker — a big guy, massive beard, massive gut and a serious penchant for wild guitar solos. He never speaks of the vices of the lifestyle, but you can pretty much imagine them.

These days, he’s a total devotee to the faith. He’s the epitome of what Christian musicians talk about as the “God-girl” complex — where you’re writing songs that could be to a girl, if you replace “girl” with “God.” But Adi Ran doesn’t write toned-down nice-guy songs designed by a Hollywood conglomerate to get a girl in bed; he writes ZZ Top-like, balls-out RAWK songs about God. Live, he shouts these things into a mic and gets nasty on his guitar. He even has the same backing band as when he wasn’t religious, which — as someone who’s been around bands who need to “frum up” and ditch any traces of the secular world, either people or sounds — but you know this guy is writing the kind of quality cheese that only people who honestly believe in this stuff can write. His work is not laden with subtle metaphors or pointed comparisons between pretty girls and vintage picture shows. He’s heartful, honest, old-school rock. He is the Bruce Springsteen of religious music.

You can read the full post here.