Thursday, May 25, 2006

Adi Ran Interview Recap

The interview was a lot of fun, and you can read a transcript of it here, download it here or listen to a stream of it here. The best part was when he talked about the history of his guitar. He apologized for not speaking English better, and explained that before he was "religious man" he had a picture of an immodest woman on the guitar. Now, he has a religious saying on his guitar, and so it is his teshuvah. It was very nice, and funny.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Eizeh Kheyf Liyhot Yehudi (partial translation)

(kam: I rise) (baboker: in the morning)
(l’kabel: to greet) (p’nei: face of) (hachama: the sun)

(modeh: I give thanks) (l’kodesh: to the holy one) (borch’hu: blessed is he)
(she’chizir: for returning) (li: to me) (et: d.o. marker) (ha’neshama: the soul)
(ratz: I run) (l’mikveh: to ritual bathhouse) (marbitz: lair) (t’vilah: immerse)
(sam: I place) (tzitzit: ritual fringes) (t’filin: ritual phylacteries)
(muchan: prepared) (latus: to fly) (ba’tefilah: in prayer)

I Rise in the morning to greet the sun.
I Give thanks to the Holy One, Blessed is He, for returning my soul to me.
I Run to the mikveh, lair of immersion.
I Don tzitzit and tefillin, ready to fly in prayer.

(eizeh: what!) (kheyf: good times) (lih’yot: to be) (yehudi: Jewish)
What good times it is to be a Jew!

(v’aba: and Father) (she’li: of me) (gadol: great) (v’chazak: and powerful)
(ma: what) (she’ani: that I) (m’vakesh: search)
(hu: he) (notein: he gives) (li: to me) (chik chak: i.e. in a flash)
(adif: better) (lih’yot: to be) (ben: son of) (melech: King)
(lo: not) (ben: son) (shel: of) (avadim: servants)
(bi’frat: particularly) (haben: the son) (shel: of) (melech: King)
(mal’chei: King of) (ham’lachim: the Kings)

My Father is great and powerful.
What I search for, He gives me in a flash.
It is better to be the son of the King, not the son of servants.
Particularly the son of the King, the King of Kings.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Interview with Adi Ran this Sunday (5-21-06)

Here's the information. 6pm Israeli time, 11am Eastern Standard Time. I can't tell if the interview will be conducted in English (probably not). But I will try to tune in and understand as much as I can. Hopefully they will archive it.

Peot (Partial Translation)

This Adi Ran song is very fun, it is on the "Al Takeh Baselah" album.

Here is my attempt (my apologies to Adi Ran in advance) at an English translation of the Hebrew lyrics. Please post any corrections that need to be made. Thanks!

(ba’ti: I go) (l’fanecha: before You) (borei: creates) (kol: all) (ha’olamot: worlds)
(she’ta’aseh: make) (li: to me) (tovah: good) (v’tatzmiach: and make grow) (li: to me)
(pe’ot: ) (yafot: beautiful) (ge’ot: proud) (gol’shot: overflowing)
(ba’ti: I go) (l’fanecha: before You) (mish’ol: to ask) (ha’tach’tiyot: the things under ?)
(mah: what) (zeh: this) (bish’vil’cha: Your point)
(l’hatzmiach: to make grow) (li: to me)
(pe’ot: ) (ya’fot: beautiful) (ge’ot: proud) (gol’shot: overflowing)

I go before You, who creates all the worlds.
Make it good for me, and make me grow …
Peot, Beautiful, Proud, Overflowing.
I go before You to ask … what is Your reason?
That You grew for me…
Peot, Beautiful, Proud, Overflowing.

(v’ani: and I) (es’mach: happy) (she’ani: that I) (ye’hudi: Jewish)
(v’ani: and I) (es’mach: happy) (she’ani: that I) (da'ti: religious)
(v’ani: and I) (es’mach: happy) (she’ani: that I) (da’ti: religious) (v’ani: and I) (es’mach: happy)(she’ani: that I) (bres’lev: Breslov, Hasidic group)
(v’ani: and I) (es’mach: happy) (she’ani: that I) (Na, Nach, Nachma, Nachman, Me’uman: what this is about)

And I am happy that I am a Jew.
And I am happy that I am religious.
And I am happy that I am Breslov.
And I am happy that I …
Na, Nach, Nachma, Nachman, Me’uman. (Breslov saying)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Adi Ran MP3's

Please don't contact me for Adi Ran MP3's, unauthorized downloading is illegal and forbidden by Jewish law. Buy the albums. That said, Adi Ran's label, Pirsumei Nisa, has MP3's available at their website for download. Please visit their site here and click on the albums to download select songs in .mp3 format. The following songs are currently available!

"Ein Yeush",
"Peot", "Ein Lanu Al Mi Lismoch" , and "Hodu Lashem" are available from Al Takeh Basela (2001).
"Atah Kadosh" (the song from Ushpizin),
"Abba Nihyeti Dos", "Eize Kehyf Lihyot Yehudi", "Mitzvah Gedola", "Shabbat Hamalka", "Ein Li Shum Davar Ba'olm Ha'zeh" are available from Acharon Sheba'am (1998).

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hatipka (the note)

This song is very good, but the subject is apparently controversial. My translation is also probably messed up. So I will just link to the Wikipedia entry on the subject and you can decide for yourself what to think. Again, please post any corrections or suggestions regarding the translation, I am not a Hebrew expert. Thanks!

(me'od:very) (hayah:it was) (kasheh:difficult) (li:to me) (laredet: to descend) (eilecha:to you) (talmidi:my student) (hayakar: the precious)
(l'hagid:to tell) (l'cha:to you) (ki:that) (n'heniti:I am pleased) (me'od:very) (me'avodat'cha:from you service) (v'eilecha:and to you) (amarti:I will say).

It was very difficult for me to descend to you, my precious student.
To tell you that I am very pleased with your service. And I will say...

Yiddish (untranslated) (b'avodat'cha: in your service)
Na nach nachma nachman me'uman. (See Wikipedia for more information.)

u'bazeh: and in this) (egaleh: I will reveal) (l'cha: to you) (sod: secret) (va'hu: it is)
(m'lo:full) (v'gadish:and crammed) (mikav:from line) (l'kav:to line) (?)

And in this I will reveal to you a secret that is full and crammed from line to line. (?)

u'bechazak: and with strength) (avoda: service) (tavineihu: you will understand) (v'siman: sign)
(Yud zion: 17, literally 10 7) (b'tamuz:of Tamuz, a month in the Hebrew calendar) (ye'amru:they will speak) (she'ein'cha:that it is not your) (m'taaneh:from your fast)
(ha'aish:the fire) (she'li:that is to me) (tukad:is lit) (ad:until) (bi'at:coming of) (hamashiach: the annointed)

And with strong service you will understand a sign.

The 17th of Tamuz they will speak that it is not from your fast.
My fire is lit until the coming of the annointed.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why an Adi Ran Blog?

Because there isn't one! Basically, I discovered Adi Ran after watching Ushpizin, and was shocked at (1) how good he was, and (2) how little information I could find about him. Is the whole world insane, or have people just not heard him yet? Probably both.

Anyways, this is not your run-of-the-mill Jewish music. Adi Ran reminds me a lot of Bob Dylan and Neil Young in terms of his musical and lyrical style. Plus, the music has meaning, but is not preachy. In short, it's very cool.

I don't know if Adi Ran surfs the Internet, but if he ends up here, welcome and thanks for the great music! If anyone has any Adi Ran news or information to share, post it in the comments or e-mail me. Kol Tuv.

Happy Lag B'Omer: Post Your Three Favorite Adi Ran Songs

Hope everyone is enjoying their music today!

Here are my three favorite Adi Ran songs right now. What are yours?

(1) Or Eyn Sof (Endless light)
(2) Yesh Hakodesh Baruch Hu (There is the Holy One, Blessed Be He)
(3) Al Takeh Baselah (Don't Hit the Rock), which is on the album of the same name (click on the link to hear snippets).

Monday, May 15, 2006

Or Ein Sof (partial translation)

Please post corrections if you see any errors. Thanks!

(l’chol: in all/each) (adam: man) (yesh: there is) (nefesh: soul) (elokit: Godly)
(v’nefesh: and a soul) (b’heimit: animal)
(v’chol: in all/each) (inyan: matter) (hab’chirah: the choice, i.e. free will)
(hu: he, it) (mi: who) (min: from) (hash’nayyim: the two) (yuch’rah: will be decided/conquered)
(u’mamash: and actually) (b’chol: in all) (dakah: minute)
(hamilchamah: the war) (b’eitzumah: is raging powerfully)
(b’chol: in all) (eit: time) (shel: of) (nitzachon: triumph)
(nim’shach: follows) (chut: strand) (shel: of) (chesed: kindness) (el’yon: God).

In each person, there is a Godly soul, and an animal soul.
In all matters, there is free will.
Which of those two will be conquered?
And truly, in every minute, the war rages powerfully.
In every moment of netzach, a strand of supernal chesed follows.

(or: light) (ein: not) (sof: end)
(or: light) (tzach’tzachot: clear)

Endless light.
Clear light.

(l’chol: in each) (adam: man) (yesh: there is) (yetzer: instinct) (tov: good)
(v’yetzer: and instinct) (rah: bad)
(v’zeh: and this) (mul: opposite) (zeh: this) (bara: He created) (otam: in them)
(v’chol: and all) (bishvil: in order to, for the purpose of) (hab’chirah: the choice, i.e. free will)

In every person, there is a good instinct, and an evil instinct.
One opposite the other, He created in them.
And all is for the pupose of free will.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Translation of "Ein Lanu"

(ein: not) (lanu: to us) (al: on) (mi: who) (lismoch: to lean, depend) 3x
rak: only) (al: on) (avinu: our Father) (shebashamayim: who is in the Heavens)

There is nobody for us to depend on. 3x.
Only on our Father in the Heavens.

ribono: master) (shel: of) (olam: world)
ay yai yai yai: no translation)

Master of the world...

oy oy oy: no translation)
rachem: have mercy!) (rachem: have mercy!)
hatzel: send!) (hatzel: send!) (hoshiyah: rescue us!)

Have mercy, have mercy!
Send, Send, Rescue Us!

Guitar Tab for Adi Ran Songs

Thanks to Yutopia, for posting guitar tab for 2 Adi Ran Songs!

(1) Atah Kadosh.

(2) Ein Lanu.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Atah Kadosh (partial translation)

A stream of this song can be found here (you need realplayer to listen). Thanks again to blogindm for the link!

Here is a translation attempt for this song as well. Again, if you have any corrections, please share them in the comments. Thanks!

(bid’rachim: on paths) (rabot: many) (halach’ti: I have walked)
(l’chapeis: ) (kar’tov: ) (emet: truth)
(lo: not) (hisasti: I did not waver)
(milingos: from biting) (bo: in it) (b’ma’adan: in the delicacy) (hacheit: the sin)

On many paths, I have walked.
To search for truth.
I did not hesitate to feast on the delicacy of sin.

(lo: not) (matzanu: we did not find) (et: direct object marker) (atzmeinu: ourselves)
(ein: not) (od: more) (ta’am: taste) (l’chacheish: to the lies)
(hatarbut: the hedonism) (hazot: those) (lo: not) (lanu: to us)
(ki: for) (b’libeinu: in our hearts) (eish: fire)

We did not find ourselves, the lies have no more taste.
This culture is not for us, for there is fire in our hearts.

(v’ani: and I) (hakatan: the small) (hashafel: the lowly) (shebein: between) (kulam: all)
(omed: standing) (po: here) (nir’ad: tremble, shiver) (v’nid’ham: and amazed)
(v’ani: and I) (hakatan: the small) (ha’acharon: the last) (she’ba’am: of the people)
(omed: standing) (po: here) (nir’gash: moved, excited) (v’nif’am: deeply moved, excited)

For I am the smallest and lowest of all, standing here trembling and amazed.
And I am small, the last of the people, standing here excited, very excited…

(ki: for) (atah: You) (kadosh: holy)
(v’shimcha: and Your name) (kadosh: holy)
(k’doshim: holy ones) (kol: all) (yom: day)
(y’halelucha: praise You) (selah: amen)

For You are holy,
And Your name is holy,
Holy ones praise You all day, amen.

Yesh Hakodesh Baruch Hu (There is the Holy One, Blessed be He)

A stream of this song can be found here. Thanks to blogindm for the link!

If you saw Ushpizin, you will recognize this song.

I don't really speak Hebrew, but I've attempted a translation. If you speak Hebrew, please post corrections! Thanks.

(ben: son of) (adam: man) (tzarich: needs) (la’avor: to cross) (ba’olam: in the world) (hazeh: this)
(kamah: how much) (bilbulim: confusion)

(kamah: how much) (gilgulim: reinventions)
(kamah: how much) (michsholim: obstacles)
(ad: until) (she’hu: for him) (tofeis: grasps) (sheh: that…)

Man must experience in this world,
How much confusion? How much reinvention? How much difficulty?
Until he realises that…

(ben: son of) (adam: man) (tzarich: needs) (la’avor: to cross)
(al: on) (gesher: bridge) (tzar: narrow) (me’od: very)
(v’ha’emet: and the truth) (chadah:sharp) (k’chut: like a strand of) (ha’se’arah: the hair)
(v’ha’ikkar: and the essense) (zeh: this) (she’lo: to not) (yit’pached: fear) (k’lal: as a rule)

Man must cross a very narrow bridge.
And the truth is sharp, like a strand of hair.
And the essence is not to fear at all.

(tzarich: necessary) (lis’moach: to be happy) (v’lo: and not) (lish’koach: to forget)
(bich’lal: as a rule) (ani: I) (mah: what) (ki: for)

One must be happy, and not forget.
In principle, what am I? Because…

(yesh: there is) (hakoydesh: the Holy) (borch’hu: Blessed is He)
(yesh: there is) (rak: only) (hakoydesh: the Holy) (borch’hu: Blessed is He)
(b’etzem: in essence) (yesh: there is) (rak: only) (hakoydesh: the Holy) (borch’hu: Blessed is He)

There is the Holy One Blessed is He.
There is only the Holy One Blessed is He.
In essence, there is only the Holy One Blessed is He.