Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hatipka (the note)

This song is very good, but the subject is apparently controversial. My translation is also probably messed up. So I will just link to the Wikipedia entry on the subject and you can decide for yourself what to think. Again, please post any corrections or suggestions regarding the translation, I am not a Hebrew expert. Thanks!

(me'od:very) (hayah:it was) (kasheh:difficult) (li:to me) (laredet: to descend) (eilecha:to you) (talmidi:my student) (hayakar: the precious)
(l'hagid:to tell) (l'cha:to you) (ki:that) (n'heniti:I am pleased) (me'od:very) (me'avodat'cha:from you service) (v'eilecha:and to you) (amarti:I will say).

It was very difficult for me to descend to you, my precious student.
To tell you that I am very pleased with your service. And I will say...

Yiddish (untranslated) (b'avodat'cha: in your service)
Na nach nachma nachman me'uman. (See Wikipedia for more information.)

u'bazeh: and in this) (egaleh: I will reveal) (l'cha: to you) (sod: secret) (va'hu: it is)
(m'lo:full) (v'gadish:and crammed) (mikav:from line) (l'kav:to line) (?)

And in this I will reveal to you a secret that is full and crammed from line to line. (?)

u'bechazak: and with strength) (avoda: service) (tavineihu: you will understand) (v'siman: sign)
(Yud zion: 17, literally 10 7) (b'tamuz:of Tamuz, a month in the Hebrew calendar) (ye'amru:they will speak) (she'ein'cha:that it is not your) (m'taaneh:from your fast)
(ha'aish:the fire) (she'li:that is to me) (tukad:is lit) (ad:until) (bi'at:coming of) (hamashiach: the annointed)

And with strong service you will understand a sign.

The 17th of Tamuz they will speak that it is not from your fast.
My fire is lit until the coming of the annointed.

3 comments: said...

another translation correction-- of the last line... (this is a famous line or concept seen often in the writings of R' Nachman of Breslov) ha'aish sheli tudak ad bee'at ha mashiach - means my fire is lit (or burning) until Moshiach comes

Pinny said...

sorry, i see i made a little typo error... it should be ha'aish sheli TUKAD (not tudak).

Ben Baruch said...

Thanks, I finally made the correction!