Thursday, May 18, 2006

Adi Ran MP3's

Please don't contact me for Adi Ran MP3's, unauthorized downloading is illegal and forbidden by Jewish law. Buy the albums. That said, Adi Ran's label, Pirsumei Nisa, has MP3's available at their website for download. Please visit their site here and click on the albums to download select songs in .mp3 format. The following songs are currently available!

"Ein Yeush",
"Peot", "Ein Lanu Al Mi Lismoch" , and "Hodu Lashem" are available from Al Takeh Basela (2001).
"Atah Kadosh" (the song from Ushpizin),
"Abba Nihyeti Dos", "Eize Kehyf Lihyot Yehudi", "Mitzvah Gedola", "Shabbat Hamalka", "Ein Li Shum Davar Ba'olm Ha'zeh" are available from Acharon Sheba'am (1998).

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