Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Eizeh Kheyf Liyhot Yehudi (partial translation)

(kam: I rise) (baboker: in the morning)
(l’kabel: to greet) (p’nei: face of) (hachama: the sun)

(modeh: I give thanks) (l’kodesh: to the holy one) (borch’hu: blessed is he)
(she’chizir: for returning) (li: to me) (et: d.o. marker) (ha’neshama: the soul)
(ratz: I run) (l’mikveh: to ritual bathhouse) (marbitz: lair) (t’vilah: immerse)
(sam: I place) (tzitzit: ritual fringes) (t’filin: ritual phylacteries)
(muchan: prepared) (latus: to fly) (ba’tefilah: in prayer)

I Rise in the morning to greet the sun.
I Give thanks to the Holy One, Blessed is He, for returning my soul to me.
I Run to the mikveh, lair of immersion.
I Don tzitzit and tefillin, ready to fly in prayer.

(eizeh: what!) (kheyf: good times) (lih’yot: to be) (yehudi: Jewish)
What good times it is to be a Jew!

(v’aba: and Father) (she’li: of me) (gadol: great) (v’chazak: and powerful)
(ma: what) (she’ani: that I) (m’vakesh: search)
(hu: he) (notein: he gives) (li: to me) (chik chak: i.e. in a flash)
(adif: better) (lih’yot: to be) (ben: son of) (melech: King)
(lo: not) (ben: son) (shel: of) (avadim: servants)
(bi’frat: particularly) (haben: the son) (shel: of) (melech: King)
(mal’chei: King of) (ham’lachim: the Kings)

My Father is great and powerful.
What I search for, He gives me in a flash.
It is better to be the son of the King, not the son of servants.
Particularly the son of the King, the King of Kings.


Anonymous said...

Where's the gefilte fish line?

Ben Baruch said...

Sorry, partial translation!