Friday, May 12, 2006

Atah Kadosh (partial translation)

A stream of this song can be found here (you need realplayer to listen). Thanks again to blogindm for the link!

Here is a translation attempt for this song as well. Again, if you have any corrections, please share them in the comments. Thanks!

(bid’rachim: on paths) (rabot: many) (halach’ti: I have walked)
(l’chapeis: ) (kar’tov: ) (emet: truth)
(lo: not) (hisasti: I did not waver)
(milingos: from biting) (bo: in it) (b’ma’adan: in the delicacy) (hacheit: the sin)

On many paths, I have walked.
To search for truth.
I did not hesitate to feast on the delicacy of sin.

(lo: not) (matzanu: we did not find) (et: direct object marker) (atzmeinu: ourselves)
(ein: not) (od: more) (ta’am: taste) (l’chacheish: to the lies)
(hatarbut: the hedonism) (hazot: those) (lo: not) (lanu: to us)
(ki: for) (b’libeinu: in our hearts) (eish: fire)

We did not find ourselves, the lies have no more taste.
This culture is not for us, for there is fire in our hearts.

(v’ani: and I) (hakatan: the small) (hashafel: the lowly) (shebein: between) (kulam: all)
(omed: standing) (po: here) (nir’ad: tremble, shiver) (v’nid’ham: and amazed)
(v’ani: and I) (hakatan: the small) (ha’acharon: the last) (she’ba’am: of the people)
(omed: standing) (po: here) (nir’gash: moved, excited) (v’nif’am: deeply moved, excited)

For I am the smallest and lowest of all, standing here trembling and amazed.
And I am small, the last of the people, standing here excited, very excited…

(ki: for) (atah: You) (kadosh: holy)
(v’shimcha: and Your name) (kadosh: holy)
(k’doshim: holy ones) (kol: all) (yom: day)
(y’halelucha: praise You) (selah: amen)

For You are holy,
And Your name is holy,
Holy ones praise You all day, amen.


pinny151 said...

v'nidham means "and amazed"

Ben Baruch said...


Anonymous said...

hatarbut hazot lo lanu means this culture (hedonisim anthiesim art etc) is not for us (Jews)

onemanband613 said...

Itzik Eshel has a better version of that song. You can find that album on this site:

Nachum Segal told me that the song was stolen from another Israeli singer and Adi Ran changed the lyrics.

Anonymous said...

i looooooooooooove this song


christy ramon

Shlomo said...

Selah doesn't really mean Omein. Its exact translation is unknown but it is translated as 'forever' in most of the Siddurim I've seen.

Pinchas said...

hashafel shebein kulam

"the lowest of all."

Ben Baruch said...

Thanks Pinchas!